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Professional Tools for iPhone and iPad with Augmented Reality for Live Sound, Studio, Car Audio, and Home Theater.

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AcoustiTools® — a new class of mobile audio tools like no other. Every aspect sets it apart. Acoustic Masterminds® AcoustiTools pioneers a new generation of professional-grade audio analysis and diagnostic tools using ARKit to elevate the audio experience for your audience.
AcoustiTools® — Animated GIF of main tile screen showing RTA, dB Meter, and PEQ responding to real-time audio input

Five interactive modules – four tile display

AcoustiTools’ innovative design simultaneously displays four active modules. This breakthrough feature allows you to view information from multiple modules at once and quickly select a module to interact with.

AcoustiTools® Demo – The NAMM Show 2019

Global Features

  • Spectral Weightings
  • Averaging Options
  • Selectable Block Sizes
  • Microphone Calibration Trim
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AcoustiTools® — Screenshot of tagged speakers

Audio Information in Augmented Reality

Know the volume level across the venue using the ground-breaking AR Spatial Analyzer module. This module uses augmented reality (AR) to tag locations and calculate the volume level, distance, and delay for each placed tag. Using asymmetrically placed speakers? The AR Spatial Analyzer module makes it easy to instantly know how to accommodate for the depth difference and correct the time alignment. No more blurred delay of sound for the audience.

Map The Volume

The Volume Variance feature uses tagged locations to quickly map the sound level variations from tagged and labeled main speakers to your current position. The live values display in a 2D overlay allowing you to monitor the sound levels across the audience and keep the volume enjoyable for everyone.

Simplify Delay Timing

The Delay Calc feature makes it simple to solve delay problems, calculating the delay timing between a tagged and labeled front speaker and delay stack. The displayed results give you the information needed to quickly sync your audio.

AcoustiTools® — Animated GIF of PEQ responding to audio input in real-time

Diagnostic PEQ (in-app-purchase)

Using the revolutionary real-time Diagnostic PEQ (parametric equalizer) module to listen to pink noise, you receive recommended corrective EQ settings to implement for tuning your audio system, whether you’re in a large or small space.

Want to reduce the stress of identifying the most problematic frequencies under pressure and choosing the most effective EQ settings to correct it? Available through in-app-purchase, the revolutionary Parametric EQ (PEQ) module diagnoses your audio and recommends a corrective EQ curve to implement for your mix based on live audio or averaged recorded samples. With values for each setting of your PEQ — the center frequency, the Q, and the amplitude — you have a professional, real-time solution to your immediate audio challenges.

AcoustiTools® — Animated GIF of GEQ responding to audio input in real-time

Diagnostic GEQ (in-app-purchase)

If your system uses a graphic equalizer, use the new revolutionary real-time Diagnostic GEQ (graphic equalizer) module to listen to pink noise and receive recommended corrective GEQ settings to implement for tuning your audio system, whether you’re in a large or small space.

Want to quickly balance your car’s audio system? Set the Diagnostic GEQ to match the number of bands your car’s audio system uses.

Available through in-app-purchase, the revolutionary Graphic EQ (GEQ) module diagnoses your audio and recommends a corrective EQ curve based on live audio or averaged recorded samples making it easy to get the most out of your audio system.

AcoustiTools® — Animated GIF of Real Time Analyzer responding to live audio input

High Quality Real-Time Analyzer

The RTA module gives you the information you need to determine the best on-the-fly frequency corrections. The AcoustiTools RTA module includes a red problem frequency line to highlight the frequency on the RTA graph with the largest difference from surrounding frequencies. You can also keep your eye on a specific frequency you set using the blue selectable frequency line. Easily switch between a spectrum color display for bright environments or display the graph in solid blue for dimmer environments. Of course, the best way to solve acoustic issues begins at room treatment. However, when the band is live, the RTA shows the frequency curve in real time.

AcoustiTools® — Animated GIF of dB Meter responding to live audio input

Feature Packed dB Meter

The dB Meter module measures the Decibel Level/Sound Pressure Level (SPL) in your environment. Its features include displaying peak and average values, max-peak, max-averages, fast and slow time weightings, the average sound level over user selectable time periods, Max-Average, and threshold alerts.

AcoustiTools — superpowers in your hands.

Check out the AcoustiTools page for the AcoustiTools User Guide.

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Diagnostic GEQ (in-app-purchase) Tutorial

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